The knowledgeable crew at Renovations Plus are experienced with a wide range of renovation and maintenance services from power washing and gutter cleaning to renovating residential homes and hotels. We will work with you to refinish or renovate your home, and we can even do landscaping to help make your home look great inside and out! We also work with realtors and sellers to put the finishing touches on the house to make it beautiful and ready for sale. Our attention to detail and exceptional service mean that we will work tirelessly to meet your exact needs so your home or hotel looks exactly the way you want it.

We know that finding a great contractor can be difficult, and finding time to schedule with them even more so. At Renovations Plus, we pride ourselves in our fast response time and will guarantee to get your renovation job done on time. We are dedicated to helping clients throughout the DeForest area with all of their maintenance and renovation needs. Contact us today to speak with a knowledgeable contractor, and get started on your next project!